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That the Serbian rock scene of the younger generation is booming, inevitably evolving and waiting for the right moment to explode and present itself at its best, is evident from the example of Belgrade band Vizelj. Unrestrained and angry as needed, aware of what the music business means if you are a member of the alternative scene, charming, witty and bold enough not to cross the border of rude and ignorant, they boldly push forward and do not look back. And what more should be demanded, expected, but also desired of a young rock band that does not limit itself in combining diverse music genres, loudly expressing the attitudes of its generation and consuming the last atoms of energy while on stage.

Vizelj was founded in early 2013. The original lineup consisted of Luka Ćirić (vocals), Veljko Milinković (guitar), Aleksa Nedić (bass guitar) and Jovan Kovačević (drums). At the end of 2013, Kovacevič was replaced by Andrej Mladenović as drummer.

The debut EP of Vizelj, simply called “EP # 1” contains six songs and was released in February 2014 for the record label “Slušaj najglasnije!”.

The album “Naj bolji” was released on March 25, 2016 in digital format for “Rock Svirke Records”. In March 2017, the album in CD format was released by “Odličan hrčak”, which is also the publisher of their second EP under the name “EP #2 – Superspektakl”. Drummer Andrej Mladenović left the band during 2018. On the notable compilation “Jutro će promeniti sve” by PGP RTS with music from the eponymous series, the song “Nosorog” of this explosive trio came to its place. Vizelj are Aleksa Nedić (vocals and bass), Veljko Milinković (guitar) and Nikola Bajčetić (drums).