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“Threepenny” is a non-profit organization from Belgrade that deals with theatrical production and education. The main team consists of the directors Marija Lipkovska-Barna and Ana Popović, with a large number of associates from various theater professions. “Threepenny” officially exists since 2015, although the said team has functioned well as an informal group since 2009.

The production “Threepenny” includes nine play performances: “Waiting for Godot” by the text of Samuel Beckett, Slavomir Mrožek’s “The Emigrants”, “The Short History of Fire” made by K. G. Jung’s scientific works, “Edit” by Sara Radojković as independent guest performance, “Marriage Proposal” by the text of A. P. Chekhov, “Here is the title of the drama about Anti” by Ivor Martinić, “Not the Right Leg” authorial project at the Students’ City Cultural Centre, “Christmas Carol” by the text of Charles Dickens and “Suđaja” by Luka Kurjački. In addition to the “Suđaja”, written and directed by Luka Kurjački, all other performances were directed by Marija Barna Lipkovski and Ana Popović both individually and together.

There has also been a series of educational lectures on Asian performing cultures “On the other side of civilization” in the “Threepenny” program. Members of “Threepenny” are active in the field of development of children’s audiences and new poetics in theater for children and youth, and since 2018 they are members of ASITEŽ Serbia, in which they have been accepted with the program Little Theater Experts.

“Threepenny” is a multiple local and internationally rewarded organization. Advocating for an open, free and solid scene, it cooperates with more independent organizations, troops and individuals.