Theater play „Emigrants“ in Novi Sad

By 28. May 2019. No Comments

The play „Emigrants“ was created in 2015 in Berlin and will be performed on Wednesday, May 29th, at 8PM in dom b-612. Authors, theater director from Belgrade and film director from Budapest, Miklós and Maria Barna-Lipkovszky, came to the city of the dreams, the cultural and „party“ capital of Europe, in search of happiness.

The performance came from their intimate collision with starting from scratch. All personal and professional contacts, everything we call everyday life, they all had to leave behind. Convicted both privately and professionally to one another, in a living room with a table and two chairs, they make a performance with which they want to express the contradiction of the situation in which they are. On one hand, there is a promised city, a space of happiness and freedom, and on the other, there is a sense of loos and not belonging. The pressure for a person to achieve, to be happy, to succeed now, when the main excuse for failure – life in Serbia – is eliminated, functions as a permanent obstacle to achieving precisely those goals.

The entrance costs 300 dinars.