The Homo Ludens Project

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Homo Ludens creative community was established in March 2013 with the help of Homo Ludens Project, the Szeged Focus Workshop Foundation. The designer and creator of the project was Orsolya Imola Benkő, formerly art director and director of the Szeged Focus Workshop.

Between 2003 and 2011, the Szeged Focus Workshop was an independent theater company with an annual repertoire, guest performances, festival performances and awards. The company was a “research theater”, committed to finding the most diverse expression possibilities and communication channels of the theater.

One year after the company was dissolved, the idea of a “playful man” was born. “Our creative community is inspired by the playful, self-forgotten child-minded approach: free play with various artistic branches, free play genres, seemingly incompatible themes, ridiculous, despised or just sympathetic characters, critical social situations, game play, play with theater.”

The approach of the creative community allows for free and playful social problems, the emergence of new genres from the mix of different artistic branches, works and genres, openness to contemporary European and overseas contemporary art.

Homo Ludens Project aims to generate continuous and varied co-operation with various institutions, companies, independent artists at home and internationally.

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