TAKT festival

By 20. September 2019. No Comments

The TAKT Festival, which aims to promote young musicians and promote their work to a wider audience, is taking place this year from September 20 to 22 at the only vinyl record company in the Balkans, SoulPeddler in Novi Sad.

The TAKT Festival, which is being held for the eighth time under the name “Find Your Color”, is organized by the Association Kulturanova from Novi Sad. During the past summer, all music authors have been invited to apply for a competitive TAKT festival, whose winners and finalists will win valuable prizes for their future work and have the opportunity to present their music in four countries.

This year’s TAKT Festival will feature, among other things, the ever more popular singer-songwriter in our region, Kralj Čačka, a fantastic performance French circus “Un loup pour l’homme”, stand-up duo Daško and Mlađa, last year’s participants of the TAKT Festival, as well as numerous partners from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, with excellent workshops and lectures in the field of music, film screening, plays and much more.

Also, to remind you, the art residency that is part of our K3CI project and takes place in Novi Sad from September 15 to 19, is a kind of introduction to this year’s TAKT festival. Photographers and musicians from Hungary and Serbia during five days in Novi Sad participated in workshops “Path of your voice”, “How to start a solo or a band career?”, “Sounds and looks good!” and “The basics of sound production”, and all of them will perform together on the last day of the TAKT Festival (September 22) in SoulPeddler starting at 10.30PM.