TAKT festival and K3CI Art Residency in Novi Sad

By 25. September 2019. No Comments

The eighth TAKT festival under the slogan “Find Your Color” took place last weekend in Novi Sad, and within it there was Art Residency of our K3CI project.

On the last day of the festival, participants of our residency, photographers and musicians from Hungary and Serbia, who participated in workshops “Path of your voice”, “How to start a solo or band career?”, “Sounds and looks good!” and “The Basics of Audio Production” were presented.

The main goal of TAKT Festival is to promote young musicians and promote their authorial work to a wider audience and is competitive in nature. Winners and finalists win valuable prizes for their future work and get a chance to present their music in four countries. The winner of this year’s TAKT is Ognjen Čudnoređe Bašić, who won the Stringer guitar. Second place went to Vedran Ivorek and third to Marko Babović. The online audience award was won by Vesna Mitić, and the audience award from the TAKT festival was shared by Zlatko Majsec and Anita Šunjić.

This year’s TAKT Festival included, among others, Kralj Čačka, the French circus “Un loup pour l’homme”, stand-up duo Daško and Mlađa, participants of last year’s TAKT Festival, as well as numerous partners from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. It also featured workshops, lectures and more.

The organizer of the TAKT festival is the Association Kulturanova from Novi Sad.