Szeged’s premiere of film „I was a monk”

By 23. May 2019. No Comments

The film I was a monk” will be screened for the first time in Szeged, in the great hall at the Ferenc Gala College (Klebelsberg Hall) on Wednesday, 8th May at 7PM.

The creative community of the filmmakers recorded a documentary of the situation about a quite unusual situation where two randomly selected young people from Budapest moved to a monastery in the rural part of the country. They live there and work together with members of the monastery community. Heroes of the film are not religious, but they are completely relaxed and contemporary young people. Zsolti has a great claustrophobia, and Tamara is a quiet and nice girl living in a boat and working as a courier in daily life while studying.

The film crew drove them a few hundred miles away from Budapest to a real monastery. They showed them the direction in which they wanted to go, started recording on cameras, which had been shut down five days after, and that is how the film was made.