Stray Dogg

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Stray Dogg is a Belgrade band formed at the beginning of 2011 and was founded by Dušan Strajnić – Dukat, singer songwriter of extremely sensitive vocals and expressive musicality. Already in the year of its creation, this band recorded and released the debut album “Almost”, and soon another came under the name “Fire’s Never Wrong” in 2012.

With its warm, often personal lyrics, catchy and melancholy-colored tunes, Stray Dogg quickly captivates audiences and critics with sincere and direct communication on their concerts. Their songs have become a must on all relevant charts, and the band got the opportunity to perform at numerous festivals and clubs across the region. As carriers of a completely different sound on the Serbian music scene, characterized as “Americana”, they become the pioneers of a new generation of authors and performers.

Stray Dogg is constantly developing its musical expression, constantly playing with lyrics and melodies, which they prove by their third and fourth albums “Come along wind” in 2015, and “Look at the Moon” in 2018, which are structurally different and more complex from the previous ones.