Sergio Lounge

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Sergio Lounge was initially the artistic name of the author and musician, Srđan Popov. In September 2017, a band of the same name was formed, consisting of Pavle Popov (guitar), Kosta Jovanović (bass guitar) and David Armuš (drums). It is interesting that the brothers Srđan and Pavle Popov, as ten-year-olds, had the band “All or Nothing”, and their first album was released by PGP RTS as the youngest author’s tandem in the history of this record company.

Sergio Lounge is humorous, fun and with a touch of auto-irony, but more. With their predominantly instrumental music, they play with musical directions and patterns, playing with the listeners’ perceptions in unexpected ways. In this way, they have created their own authorial and visual identity, combining different elements of contemporary and retro culture into a unique phenomenon in the music scene that is striking at first glance as well as at first hearing. The most obvious step forward is the colorful keyboard used by Srđan Popov as an instrument. The keyboard is most closely related to the keytar, but it also carries its specific characteristics, which he himself perfected and made it a real musical instrument.

The band Sergio Lounge is the winner of the fourth edition of the Bunt Rock Festival and the tenth edition of Demofest in Banja Luka in 2018, and Pavle Popov has been named the best guitarist of the region.