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Repetitor is a band from Belgrade formed in 2005 when Milena Milutinović on drums and Boris Vlastelica on guitar and vocals (who have already been playing for some time together) were joined by Ana-Marija Cupin on bass and vocals.  The band has continued playing in this lineup ever since. Already in early 2006, Repetitor began performing across Belgrade and later, in other major cities with bands such as Partibrejkers, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Jarboli, and Obojeni Program.

Repetitor was one of the bands chosen to feature on a special compilation called The New Serbian Scene “Jutro će promeniti sve “. The single “Ja” is their first studio recording, and not surprisingly the song spent five weeks on top of the B92 radio chart.

The band also featured on several other compilations, including “Zdravo, zdravo, zdravo” (Kultur Akt, 2008) with three songs. At the 2007 Art&Music Festival in Pula, Repetitor also won first place thanks to the votes from the jury and audience.

Their debut album “Sve što vidim je prvi put” was recored in 2008 at the Digimedia studio in Belgrade, and in Pula, Croatia at the studio Partyzan. The album contains 13 new songs produced by Boris Mladenović (a member of Jarboli, Neočekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i rešava stvar, Veliki prezir, Dvojac bez kormilara). Their second album “Dobrodošli na okean“ (Moonlee Records) came out in 2012, and represents the band’s more mature release, while the third album – “Gde ćeš” (Moonlee Records, 2016) is an outstanding and natural follow up to their experimental garage, post-punk and noise style. Numerous tours, not only regional but all across Europe, concerts in Russia and China, touring with Arcade Fire, and unbelievable on-stage energy, are just some of the hallmarks that make Repetitor a unique band on the Serbian rock scene.