Posledice on repertoire at Cinema Now

By 25. October 2019. No Comments

Posledice (Consequences) arrives in Novi Sad and the Cinema Now festival from Slovenia, a drama by Darko Štante which has already ’picked up’ eight awards and another eight nominations at various film festivals.

Eighteen-year-old Andrej is placed into a youth detention centre where he meets Željko, the informal leader of young detainees. When he uncovers Andrej’s secret, Željko starts blackmailing him, as Andrej’s duty and moral integrity are put to the test. He must choose between two sides: Željko and his irresponsible lifestyle, or staying true to himself.

“Since I have worked as a teacher in a youth detention centre, I felt it was only natural to translate my experiences into a film“, says Darko Štante.

The film uses a raw, direct and naturalistic approach to tell this story, which was initially intended to be created as a documentary, and remains true to that aesthetic until the very end.

The film Posledice is written and directed by Darko Štante, which stars Matej Zemljič, Timon Šturbej, Gašper Markun, Lovro Zafred, Rosana Hribar, Dejan Spasić, Blaž Setnikar, Iztok Drabik Jug and Lea Cok. It is produced by Jerca Jerič and Andraž Jerič.