Partners of the project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries” are awesome!

The project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries”, with which we want to strengthen cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes of Hungary and Serbia, are realizing four organizations from these two countries.

In order to connect the participants of the cultural scenes of the two countries, we need to have quality partners on the project.

Cinema City is an NGO based in Novi Sad, and it has been active for over ten years in the field of organizing and producing cultural events (festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc.), organizing educational program for future and existing professionals in the sphere of culture and creative industries, as working on networking of professionals in culture and creative industries. Cinema City is actively working on the realization of projects of cultural, educational and tourist importance supported by domestic and international funds. Among these projects are the following: Cinema City International Film Festival, K3CI, Cinema Now, FeeLMS for Creativity, Circus Builds Trust, Small Creativity School, My Hero, Danube Festivals Network, Cinema Mixer, Fresh Danube Films and Film it LouD.

Association Kulturanova exist for 18 years. During this time, the promotion of independent cultural scene, standing up for positive social changes, focus on issues that are important, but overlooked and support for young, creative people have become what makes us distinctive. Our work is international and multinational, and our projects have long ago crossed the borders of our country. Today we have four main pillars of our work: theater production, music production, publishing and what we call Artistic interventions in organizations. We are members of many local initiatives, and some we initiated. Kulturanova for all these years, through over 80 successful projects developed in a safe place for all those creative and innovative people who want to be part of the change and who think that culture is the skeleton of a society.

Kép-Szín-Ház Foundation is the legal body behind the community and cultural centre Grand Café in Szeged. It has been functioning as a site of creative thinking and vivid cultural-artistic life since its foundation in 1996. During the more than twenty years our colleagues hosted a number of internationally renowned writers, film-makers, musicians, creative artists from home and abroad. In recent years musical events are being held more and more frequently: Grand Café hosts a number of performers and bands from the genres of avant-garde, jazz, world music, post-punk, post-rock, experimental music. During the spring and autumn seasons literary events are being held in weekly frequency. The place where Grand Café works is made up of a screening room and a café. The exhibitions take place in the café space, too, so they can be seen by a lot of people who had no previous intention of seeing them.

MASZK Association, founded in 1991, is an independent cultural NGO based in Szeged, whose aim has always been to present and support innovative and fresh performing arts productions. MASZK runs the ALTERRA – Contemporary Performing Arts Centre in the building of the Old Synagogue, it organises the THEALTER international theatre festival every summer and it also cooperates with local, national and international artists and companies regularly. The association participated in several co-productions with Hungarian and foreign partners in the past years, and always pays special attention to the theatres in the central and southern European countries. As a result, MASZK plays an important role in the cultural and theatre life of Szeged and the region.

This project will be a great opportunity to establish cross-border cooperation with these organizations, because we all have similar goals, target groups, program activities, experiences and values that we all share, namely professionalism, dedication, teamwork, support of young people and respect for diversity.

The project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries” is realized with the financial support of the European Union through the Interreg-IPA cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Serbia.