One Day at the Cinema City Festival

By 25. October 2019. No Comments

One Day (Egy nap) is a drama which arrives from Hungary as part of the K3CI project and will feature at Cinema Now.

Anna, a mother of three, is caught in a non-stop race to achieve everything, rushing from work to kindergarten, school, ballet, fencing classes, etc. As if all of that isn’t enough, she suspects that her husband is cheating on her. Her problems are not unique, but she simply doesn’t have time to stop and think about them. All of these problems besiege and threaten to completely break her. Will she be able to save that which is fragile and truly important in her life?

The director Zsófia Szilágyi explains that when her friend’s children were younger she tried to understand from their conversation what her days might be like and what exactly is threatening to break her. She was surprised by how very little she knew about her life, as everything seemed “almost as if everything a mother deals with is some kind of a secret or a taboo.”

The film is written by Zsófia Szilágyii and Réka Mán-Várhegyi, starring Zsófia Szamosi, Leo Füredi, Ambrus Barcza, Zorka Varga-Blaskó, Márk Gárdos, Annamária Láng, Éva Vándor and Károly Hajduk. It is produced by Edina Kenesei and Ági Pataki.

One day arrives in Novi Sad as part of the K3CI project, part of the Interreg-IPA cross-border cooperation programme between Hungary and Serbia, which was created for managers and producers in culture from Serbia and Hungary! The main goal of this project is to improve cooperation between the contemporary cultural and creative scenes in Hungary and Serbia by improving professional competence, artistic production and knowledge exchange among professionals. The partners on the project are Cinema City and Kulturanova Association from Novi Sad, and Organizations MASZK and KEP-SZIN-HAZ from Szeged.