Nova Iskra – the first creative hub in Serbia

By 7. September 2019. No Comments

In the last few years, the term creative hub is increasingly appearing in everyday speech. For those who still do not know what that is, creative hub is a product of a new age, different thinking of people who keep pace with the modern world, as well as the need for some kind of networking. But , let’s go back to the first decade of the 21st century. Many cultural institutions are beginning to lose their original role and function as state-funded cultural centers, some partially and some completely becoming privately owned. That created a huge empty space where the position of many artists and authors of different profiles is lost, in accordance with the cultural policy of the moment. Culture is labeled as “elitist”, becoming misunderstood and inaccessible to most, and only a few decades earlier was an integral part of the spiritual development of the country. In addition to promoting culture, cultural centers were also a haven for artists, who had secure places to connect, share ideas and create.

In that vacuum, in 2012 Nova Iskra, the first creative hab in Serbia and the Balkans, was founded. At the initiative of Marko Radenković, Miljan Peljević, Relja Bobić, Nana Radenković and Kristijan Šujević, it was presented with a clear idea and intention, namely to connect and work, to conquer a space in which creative industries, technology and people would merge. In this way, both the individual and the group take responsibility and become active participants in shaping their own future. Certainly, this type of association also opens up various possibilities, from the development of critical thinking, the creation of quality ideas, to new models of organization, even the development of innovative business models. Nova Iskra started from one of Dorćol’s spaces to expand into Savamala and Zemun. There are minimalist but modernly designed interiors with plenty of natural light, the rooms are functional and spacious, exuding a specific peace of mind that enhances inspiration and creates a stimulating atmosphere. Besides that, there is always something happening in Nova Iskra’s premises. You can participate in educational and artistic workshops, lectures, seminars, courses, work and creative camps, conferences, study programs and programs that embellish different topics, which basis is development of professional expertise and personal ability to survive in today’s value system that does not make everyday life much easier.

If you need a good work space, modernly equipped, in which you will feel comfortable and have a need for professional work environment, exchange of experience and a place to meet clients and industry representatives, Nova Iskra is the right address. Here you can rent a desk, an office, or an entire floor for your team, and the corner to create and expand ideas is provided. Many things can be changed in Serbia as well, it just takes a little bit of initiative, goodwill and connection between people – an educated and empowered individual is the base of every society and Nova Iskra strives for it.