Muhi András Pires

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Muhi András Pires is a film director, film producer and producer of advertisements.

He directed his first documentary film in 2006 under the title “Hungarian football, 91st minute”, which showed professional anomalies in the training of the new generation of football players and became one of the most viewed Hungarian documentaries after the change of government. At the 38th Festival of Hungarian Film, it received a Special Award of the Student Jury.

The documentary “Hungarian team – another 50 minutes” was made in 2016, in which Muhi András Pires showed all four years of preparations for the Hungarian national team for the European Championship. This film is a kind of project at a global level, since no film director has ever spent so much time with a single national team. The Hungarian National Media and Communications Authority (the advisory body) has in 2016 declared the film “Hungarian team” as the best documentary film, in the Camera Correction category.

He was the producer of the movie “Lily Lane” directed by Fliegauf Bence, followed by the film “Brazilians” by M. Kiss Csaba and Rohonyi Gábor, as well as the film “On Body and Soul” by Enyedi Ildikó, which won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017.

Hungarian team – another 50 minutes