More than 60 producers at Producers Forum!

By 5. September 2019. No Comments

The Producers Forum in Novi Sad brought together over 60 producers, cultural managers, event organizers and experts in the field of festival organization, who over two days discussed the different stages of production – project initiation, development and planning, realization, project closure and evaluation.

The participants of the Producers Forum are mostly artists, cultural event organizers, theater people, event promoters, writers, curators… so they were not only passive listeners, but actively participated in discussions, and some of them represented their organizations.

Experts who organized events and festivals in different fields – music, theater, film, fine arts, performance and more discussed with participants and they were glad to share their experiences with others. They talked about how big ideas or projects come up, how to provide money for a project, how to design an event program, how the space affects the audience and how to arrange it production-wise to be the best, how to communicate well with the audience what is happening at an event and how to complete the project successfully.

In this way, during several sessions, participants discussed the entire process of the organization and discovered where they could explore more if they needed more information.

During the breaks, participants hung out, got to know each other and looked for those doing something similar, so we hope to attend or participate in some new collaborations in the future!

A special occasion for socializing was during the night between the two days of the Forum, when three bands from Hungary performed at the venue of the Forum. During the concerts of the bands Artur and Fetish Section from Szeged and Fat & Cute from Budapest, the participants of the Forum could see what it takes to make one concert a success, but we believe that they turned more to enjoying and socializing!