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Miroslav Lazendić

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Miroslav Lazendić is a comic artist from Subotica in Serbia. He discovered this particular style of comics as his preferred medium, because there are no rules to follow, but rather total artistic freedom. He also uses this freedom to criticize injustice. Dark humour suits him. He mostly works in ink, silkscreen and collage. So far his comics have been shown in Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden and Croatia. Magazines such as Symposion, Stripburger and Komikaze have published his work. He lives as a free artist in Subotica.

“The main theme of Lazendic’s comics and collage is the frivolity of modern urban life suppressed by advertisements, propaganda and other media manipulations, the purpose of which is to erase the self-consciousness of an individual. The brutality of the situation is reinforced by a “primitive” drawing that fully corresponds to the dark tone of the work. A combination of drawings and clippings from newspapers or photographs, or their collage, is shown as an extraordinarily grateful process and expression by which the author approaches contemporary movements in fine art”, wrote editor Ilija Bakić on the blog “Ilijada”.