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Ljubičice, hailing from Pančevo, and consisting of brothers Vuk and Petar Stevanović, is one of the most characteristic bands in the entire region. As authors and producers, the Stevanović brothers have been monumental for the entire alternative music scene in Serbia for almost a decade. In cooperation with numerous highly regarded European musicians, Ljubičice have been performing the most diverse concert experiments, ranging from a completely electric scenery to very intimate acoustic performances. The foundation of the sound of this dynamic duo has its roots in rock and electro blues, but their music expression as an overall product is found in rather unexpected places, which makes them even more authentic.

So far, Ljubičice have released one studio album, “Ljubičice&Co.” in 2014, as well as a special collaboration with Jesenji Orkestar named “Godine u vetru” in 2016, and a classical music album named “Ecičibulj brass” in 2015. Apart from these, the band have three EPs and four singles. The band also features numerous collaborations with names which include KLF’s Bill Drummond, Sajsi MC, Jesenji Orkestar, Jarboli, Buč Kesidi, Miša Peruničić, Ab Re, Svi na pod, and many others.

This year, Ljubičice presented a new project, which represents an unusual combination of modern and retro sound, with modern beats, 60’s-like guitars, mixed with an abundance of dirty blues, heavy synths, with just a slight pinch of traditional music from their home area. Their extraordinary live performances have been welcomed on almost all major regional festival stages.