Kaleidoscope of contemporary culture and creative industries presents: New Serbian scene

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Contemporary art scene from Serbia is coming to Szeged! One of activities of the project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries” is presentation of the contemporary art scene from Serbia and it will be held on April 5th in the Grand Cafe in Szeged!

Program includes projection of young Serbian film directors, musical-cinematic performance, discussion about contemporary literature, group exhibition of internationally recognized visual artists and concerts of young bands which are performing at many festivals in the region.

Symposion Literature Brainbombing is actually representing Symposion – visual, musical, pop-cultural, literary-theoretical independent publishing house from Serbia. Among their editions you can find pop-cultural anthologies, art albums and conceptual books full of extreme visuality. Their thematic thoughts are broad and far-reaching, releases deal with invisible, lost generation and their trauma, jugo-nostalgia, as well as the popular Balkan ideology, the clichés of Central and Eastern Europe, the cross-section of sin and innocence, or the feasibility of traveling to Mars with the help of irony, fake, sarcasm or spontaneous shaping of the image that is reflected in everyday life situations. It is a risky world, scandalous and difficult, but also ridiculous, without aesthetic boundaries, where censorship has not yet been discovered and where it absurdly confuses existential torments.

Fusion music workshop – silent movie with live music performance: throughout the workshops, music tracks are built through improvisational forms, intuitions and associative thinking together local music artists.

Exhibition: Miroslav Lazendić, Davor Gromilović, Emil Kadirić, Kovács Lehel, Vidák Zsolt, Stark Attila, Igor Hofbauer, Oláh Dóri, Ricz Géza, Lázár Tibor, Arnus Horribilis.

Concerts: Igralom is a band from Niš, Serbia. From the very beginning, the sound and groove of Igralom are primarily directed towards the music of West Africa, namely the desert blues from the Sahara. There is also a tremendous impact of rock ‘n’ roll and alternative, especially new wave sound. Slonz is a underground band from Šabac. They are quite young, but have already performed with a lot of well-known bands and they won two prizes at Banjaluka Demofest – for the best guitar player and for the best band! Straight Mickey and the Boyz is a dynamic, furious trio of great musicians from Belgrade who draw influence from various styles of hard rock, garage rock, funk, and even avant jazz.

Film: Movie „Dragan Wende – West Berlin” and the eponymous hero make the audience scream with laughter in the cinema halls. Dragan Wende is an eccentric hero who was the true street king of the hedonistic scene of West Berlin in the seventies. Dragan and his friends crossed the border between West and East Berlin without any problems, and they were particularly popular among ladies, benefiting from smuggling and trading in foreign currency.

The projects main objective is to strengthen cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes of Hungary and Serbia. Organizations leading project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries” are Cinema City and Kulturanova from Serbia and KÉP-SZÍN-HÁZ and MASZK from Szeged.