K3CI set to hold a promo event in Novi Sad on 26 and 27 October

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As part of the K3CI project, participant of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia, an event will be held at the end of October which aims to promote the new art scene in Hungary.

The event will include concerts, films and art exhibitions, as part of the international festival Cinema Now, which will take place at the Svilara Cultural Station in Novi Sad.

As part of the musical portion of the programme, Fran Palermo will perform at the event – the indie, rock ’n’ roll, afro-pop live sensation!

One of the most popular bands from Budapest fascinates fans with their fresh and unique jungle-rock sound, as well as the prevailing tones of the Mediterranean.

Besides being beloved by fans, the band which was founded eight years ago has also released two studio albums and several EPs. They have also received the most votes at the national talent show, the “Discovery of the Year“ award at the Petőfi Music Awards, and a nomination for “Best Hungarian Act”.

Fran Palermo is also known for performing at numerous festivals across Europe such as the Dutch Eurosonic Norderslag, Slovenian MENT, Austrian Wavves Vienna, as well as Hungarian festivals Sziget, VOLT and Bánkitó.

As part of the film programme five films will feature at the event: Blossom Valley, Granny Project, One Day, Yesterday and Open.

Blossom Valley (Virágvölgy) is a true ironic punk drama about the travels of an odd couple!

The film itself poses a question: who are the true madmen in this crazy world? The story of the film that intertwines poetic and realistic pictures of the modern world revolves around Bianka; a girl who kidnaps a child and keeps trying to persuade her lover Laci to create a happy home. The couple starts living in a camper van, hitting the road while always on the run, both from the law and con artists.

Blossom Valley is a product of joint hard work by a group of enthusiasts; young people from the film industry who wanted to make their first feature film, which brought them 5 awards at prestigious film festivals (including Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the European Film Festival in Palić) a year after its premiere.

The film was directed by László Csuja, who wrote the screenplay together with Gergő V. Nagy. The film stars Bianka Berényi, László Réti, Károly Kozma, György Kardos and Róbert Kardos.

Granny Project is a documentary about the generation gaps in Great Britain, Germany, and Hungary.

Three grandkids from three different countries will take their grandmothers to an anarchically symbolic journey into the past, creating a complex story; an experiment which might be very important in bringing back the 20th-century values and transferring them onto the upcoming generations. The film confronts classic values as well as historic taboos in a very interesting manner, with some very important methods which show us the perspective and the spirit of an era – the youth today.

The authors of this warm and crucial life story are the grandkids – Meredith Colchester, Ruben Woodin-Dechamps, and Bàlint Rèvèsz, as well as their grandmothers – Rosanne Colchester, Gudrun Dechamps and Livia Rèvèsz 🙂

One Day (Egy nap) is a drama about Anna, a mother of three, who is caught in a race around the clock to check off her to-do list, rushing from work to kindergarten, school, ballet, fencing classes, etc. As if all of that isn’t enough, she suspects that her husband is cheating on her. Her problems are not unique, but she simply hasn’t got the time to stop and think about them. All of these problems besiege her and threaten to completely break her. Will she be able to save that which is fragile and truly important in her life?

The director of the film Zsófia Szilágyi explains that when her friend’s children were younger, she tried to understand from their conversations what her days were like and what exactly is threatening to break her spirits. She was surprised by how little she knew about her friend’s life. It all seemed “almost as if everything a mother deals with is some kind of a secret or a taboo.”

The film is written by Zsófia Szilágyii and Réka Mán-Várhegyi, and stars Zsófia Szamosi, Leo Füredi, and Ambrus Barcza.

The film Yesterday (Hier) combines film noir shot in daylight with altered states of consciousness. This is a film about a man from Europe in North Africa whose day job has slowly turned into an existential crisis.

The main character is Victor Ganz who owns a construction company which operates around the world. Because of a possible expensive problem at a construction site somewhere in North Africa, he has to visit the site (and he hates to travel) where he comes face to face with the ghosts of his youth, meticulously hidden away in the depths of his subconscious.

Meetings in civil service offices, misinformation, a chance encounter with a past love who mysteriously disappeared, a subsequent investigation by the local criminal underground so he can find her again, and Victor Ganz slowly slips into a maze where past and present collide.

This is a chronicle of an altered state of consciousness embedded into the ordinary, every-day state of mind. A maze where it’s easier to fall in than break out. A love story about two people who don’t know each other. A story in which a few days turn into a literal eternity.

The film is written and directed by the acclaimed film director from Budapest Bálint Kenyeres and stars Vlad Ivanov, Djemel Barek, and Jacques Weber.

Fans of romcoms, you are in for a treat 🙂 the Hungarian film Open (Nyitva) also features at the K3CI promo event.

The plot of the film revolves around the love and hardships of a thirty-something couple trying to save their relationship full of love but sexually deflated, by laying all their cards on the table and opening them. They hope to escape the seemingly inevitable cheating and betrayal that everyone else around them struggles with. However, this proves to be much more difficult and painful than they have imagined, as they aren’t yet prepared for the physical or emotional ramifications.

The film tries to depict the challenges of 21st-century relationships and sexuality from a strong female point of view, dealing with gender roles and false expectations with quirky humour and honesty.

The film is written and directed by Orsi Nagypál and stars Csilla Radnay as Fanni, and Lehel Kovács as Bálint.

As part of the artistic portion of the programme, the organizers plan the exhibition of the artist and sculptor of Hungarian and Serbian descent Viktor Kiš, known for his enormous creations made from iron.

The main goal of the K3CI project is to strengthen the cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes in Hungary and Serbia through strengthening professional competencies, artistic production and transfer of knowledge. The partners of the project are the Cinema City Association, Kulturanova association from Novi Sad, and MASZK and KEP-SZIN-HAZ from Szeged.