K3CI Producers Forum – Participants

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At the Producers Forum, which will be held during the Gradić Fest on August 28-30 in Novi Sad, participants, lecturers and panelists will be:

– Boris Butorac – Director of the First Cyber Theater in Vojvodina

– Branka Glavonjić – Author of the Bunt show and creator of the Bunt Rok Festival at Radio Television of Serbia

– Dušan Kuzmanov – Dev9t Festival

– Ivan Lalić – CEO of Mixer

– Jelena Kosovac – Bloom Agency

– Maja Cvetković – musician, E-Play

– Maja Đulić – executive director of Marsh Creative Production

– Martin Pavlik – one of the founders of Exit Festival

– Milan Stojanović – film producer

– Miloš Ignjatović – Director of Cinema City

– Natali Beljanski Popović – executive director of Festival of Street Performers

– Petar Biberčić – director of the ShowTime Experience Agency

– Petar Peđa Protić – Cinema City film selector

– Predrag Ivanović – agency Odličan Hrčak

– Stanislav Drča and Srđan Žikić – Cultural Center Lab

During the Producers Forum, over two days and ten sessions participants will go through the entire process of managing an event or festival. This will be an opportunity to discuss all four basic stages in production: initiation, development and planning, project realization and closure, and evaluation. The topics of lectures and discussions will be primarily related to the organization of events, for example: program and spatial concept, program selection, hospitality, marketing plan and campaign, fund raising, finance, program and executive production.

Be a participant in the Producers Forum, learn something new, share experiences and knowledge, develop some future collaboration – sign up by August 20th at this link:

Travel costs, food and accommodation for two days (August 28-29) are paid by the organizer – Cinema City Association, so you just have to be open to new experiences, people, topics, knowledge and enjoyment!

Let us remind you that during the Producers Forum in Novi Sad, there is also Gradić festival and within it the Festival of Street Performers! In one part of town called Gradić, with very old buildings and cozy streets, street performers bring a different and special atmosphere and energy. During the three days of the festival, Gradić will once again become an art district whose streets will feature music, films, theater, exhibitions and performances.

Enjoy serious discussions about cultural management during the day and amazing music and experiences on the streets during the night!