K3CI Presents: The New Hungarian Art Scene

By 8. November 2019. No Comments

As part of the K3CI project, one of the projects involved in the Interreg-IPA cross-border program of cooperation between Hungary and Serbia, an event was held at the end of October in Novi Sad to promote the new Hungarian art scene.

The event featured concerts, film screenings and art exhibitions, and was part of the international Cinema Now festival which took place at the Svilara Cultural Station in Novi Sad.

The musical portion of the programme featured the likes of Fran Palermo – the indie, rock ‘n’ roll, afro-pop live sensation from Budapest, and the duo Bernadet Brešćanski and Viktorie Taškovič.

The cinematic portion of the programme saw the audience in Novi Sad watch five films from Hungary: Blossom Valley, Granny Project, One Day, Yesterday, and Open.

The artistic portion of the programme saw the audience in Novi Sad marvel at the works by Viktor Kiš with his sculptures, Anica Draganić and Maria Silađi, with their exhibition titled Svilara in Novi Sad – Generator of the First Industrial Area, as well as the publications by Symposion Publishing.

Find out more about the event by watching promo film: