K3CI Artistic residency in Szeged

By 3. August 2019. No Comments

During the K3CI Artistic residency in Szeged, from August 3rd to August 10th, 5 Serbian artists will meet 5 Hungarian ones to create something together.

Their collaboration will be fully democratic: they will agree on a common theme on the first day of the residency, and then start creating something great during the week.

We hope that the outcome will be an interesting audiovisual music performance which will be presented at 22.30 on August 9th in the Old Synagogue, during the 29th THEALTER festival, in Szeged.

The participants are 6 musicians and 4 visual artists, and they are a really diverse group, ranging from the 17-year-old high school student to the 30+-year-old practicing artist, but they have one thing in common: they are all open to share and discuss their ideas, and to accept and react to each other’s opinions.


Neven Hercegovac – photographer
Koske Kosanović – photographer
Aleksandar Filipović – vocal, mandolin
Vesna Mitić – vocal, guitar
Kim Tamara Zebic – vocal, guitar, keyboard
Balázs Erlauer – videographer, VJ
Péter Ács – photographer
Zsófia Vincze – vocal, clarinet, guitar, loop
Szonja Alexandra Csíkos – vocal
Mátyás Mozsár – drums