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E-Play is a Serbian alternative band from Belgrade, formed in 1998. This band, with its unique sound characterized by distorted bass guitars, drum and bass rhythms and soft, atmospheric guitars, is one of the most important acts of the Serbian rock scene. E-Play have so far released five studio albums, a voluminous list of headlining concerts, as well as performances at some of the biggest and most important festivals, starting from Exit Festival, through the Music Day festival in Paris, all the way to “Belgrade Days“, a concert held in the Italian city of Bologna. Also, the band participated on numerous compilation albums – the soundtrack for the Serbian movie “Munje“, a various artists album dedicated to Milan Mladenović, etc. The band’s music can be found in movies, such as “Munje”, “Potraga za srećkom”, and “Zduhač, znači avantura”.

The end of 2013 saw the release of “Obični ljudi”, an album which features hit songs, including “Divan Dan”, “Hiljadu ljudi” and “Ljubica. “Divan Dan” heads domestic charts and wins the “Megafon” award for the Single of the Year. The track is also the fan favourite when it comes to the band’s live performances, but as well one of the most important, and most played songs on the Serbian music scene of the past decade, with more than 3 million views on the band’s official YouTube channel.

In April 2018, the band released “Sloboda”, a studio album which set high criteria when it comes to artistic and productional expression. It soon finds its place in top 5 of all relevant yearly charts, embraces marvellous reviews in media and a very warm welcome with the audience. The second single from this album, “Srešćemo se neki drugi put“ also wins “Megafon” award for the Single of the Year, whereas Radio Belgrade 202 awards the band second place in the same category. E- Play were also nominated for the Best Rock Song at the MAC Awards in Belgrade’s Štark Arena, organized by Sky Music, while “Sloboda” got another nomination for the Album of the Year by “Rok Godišnjak”.

E-play are: Maja Cvetković – vocals and bass, Goran Ljuboja Trut – drums, and Nemanja Velimirović – guitars.


  • E-Play (2000. MCM)
  • Crime (2005. PGP RTS)
  • Drago mi je da smo se upoznali (2009. CINEMA CITY)
  • Obični ljudi (2013. MIKSER)
  • Sloboda (2018.  LONG PLAY)