E-Play at the Cinema Now Festival

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Belgrade’s alternative band E-Play is coming to Cinema Now on October 26th and brings to Novi Sad audience the long-awaited distorted bass, drum & bass rhythms and gentle, atmospheric guitars!

To remind, the two-day Cinema Now pop-up festival is scheduled for October 26-27, at the Cultural station Svilara in Novi Sad, organized by the Cinema City Association. In addition to the band E-Play, which will play on the first night of the festival, for the second evening band Repetitor has already been announced, and other announcements are coming soon, both of music and film programs.

At Cinema Now, as already announced, we expect: good films, energetic gigs, talks with artists and all that in a very attractive industrial space, in the popular Svilara in Novi Sad.

The band E-Play has five studio albums and a large list of solo and festival performances, from the main stage of the Exit Festival, through the concert in Paris for “Music Day”, to the concert in Bologna on the occasion of “Belgrade Day”. The band’s tracks have found their way into significant domestic compilations such as the compilation of music from the movie “Munje” and a compilation dedicated to Milan Mladenović.

From their album “Obični ljudi“, released in 2013, stand out hits “Divan dan“, “Hiljadu ljudi” and “Ljubica“. The song “Divan dan” won first place on many domestic lists, received “Megafon” award for best single of the year. “Divan dan” has over 3 million views on and is a favorite song of concert audiences.

Their 5 studio album, “Sloboda” released in 2018, has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the media and audiences, and ranked among the top 5 on all annual top lists of albums of the year. The second single from the album “Srešćemo se neki drugi put” brings the band another “Megafon” award, and Radio 202 places it in the second place of the best singles of 2018.

The Cinema Now project is being implemented by the Cinema City Association in cooperation with the Novi Sad 2021 Foundation – European Capital of Culture.

Read more about the Cinema Now event  AT THIS LINK.