Dingospo Dali

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Dingospo Dali is an alternative rock band, founded in 2011 in Belgrade that bears the epithet of one of the most exciting bands in the region. Melancholic and passionate, it is an original blend of alternative rock and pop mysticism that authentically blends rhythm with gentle vocal and guitar parts. It is a band that is capable of wallowing, breaking, tantrically approach you or puts romantic thoughts in your head. It is one of the few which goes into the genre clinch without any load and contains a dose of anger that draws into disciplined meditation that makes this band’s concerts a unique experience.

So far, Dingospo Dali has released one studio album, “As long as I think this is another world” (Sve dok mislim da je ovo drugi svet), which is highly rated by music critics, and has been ranked by Balkanrock in the top 30 regional albums of 2017. They also announced a new album.

They drew attention to themselves after winning the first television competition of demo bands Bunt Rock Masters in 2015, organized by Bunt TV show, Radio Television of Serbia and Radio 202, in which a large number of demo bands participated.