DEV9T – Art On!

By 1. July 2019. No Comments

If in seven days the world we live in could be created, what can be created in nine days? One festival in Belgrade, held in an abandoned industrial area and bearing the symbolism of number 9.

The Dev9t Festival, which has been held for 5 years and for the nine days of the year, the vision of the organizers and artists, the creators of all vocations and affinities is “Art On”. The space of old brick factory has been confirmed as an excellent example where art can give new visions and create a different, better world in which all active actors, both artists and audience. Dev9t is both an art colony, a gallery, a construction site, an art market, a skate park, a concert hall, a playground, and school at the same time.

Dev9t combines all kinds of art among which there are no borders, a creative world has been created through nine art spheres, including music, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, dance, photography, film and comics.

So far, more than 3,000 artists have shown their works at this event, over 100 workshops and dozens of concerts have been held. When it comes to concerts, this festival has managed to get high position in the cultural/concert offer of the city, both by choosing the performer, and by the way the program is designed. This year, the concerts were held at dusk, playing with the natural light design, bringing the moment of completely unjustly neglected romance, all in line with the theme of the festival that this time was Alchemy.

Dev9t Festival is always trying to shift the boundaries with specially designed concepts and themes, so in previous editions for the first time there were unusual concerts like, for example, performances by techno performer (techno pioneer Juana Atkins) and Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, under the conductor’s bat Emin Džijan. For the first time in Serbia a hip hop rave sensation Die Antwoord performed. At Dev9t Festival, even domestic performers are not forgotten, Serbian musical scene is absolutely supported, and most importantly, there is a great space for the performances of unknown authors.

In the era of the festivals, it is a great challenge to become recognizable, and the organizers of Dev9t Festival managed to do it. Among other things, one of the biggest references of the festival is the support of the world famous artist Marina Abramovic, who was the guest of the fourth edition.

We can only expect what will the next editions of Dev9t bring us, because that is a festival that sets different rules and brings some new reading of art.