Cinema Now Emanates out of Longing

By 18. October 2019. No Comments

Cinema Now emanates out of longing.

In part, it is about our longing for the Novi Sad audience. For our long-term mutual friendship under the summer sun in the park. For questions and comments. For excitement and disappointment. For faces famous and new that light up every time the end credit letters roll-up.

It is also the audience’ longing for films. For films which they discover. Films which belongs to them. Films not everyone has yet watched. Films by artists which they have met and talked to.

Finally, it is in part the longing of an entire generation of film-makers. An uncurable longing for lost youth, home, or a functional society. A longing which they have so skillfully articulated in their amazing films.

In an attempt to channel and materialize this emotion, we have chosen regional films for our new meeting with the audience. Films which have especially intrigued and touched us in the previous two years. Films which we and the audience have been missing in Novi Sad.

The audience is already well-acquainted with some of the film-makers who have won prizes in the National Class and Up to 10,000 Bucks film selections at the Cinema City Festival. The audience will recognize some of the artists by the good news that arrived from Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Rotterdam or Utah. And some of them, they will hear about for the first time.

These exciting young film-makers, good acquaintances and strangers, arrive from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Greece and Serbia. With them, they bring stories about female emancipation and motherhood, struggles against corruption and crime, about departures and arrivals home, about sexuality and identity. We will have a chance to see remarkable images depicting failed socialist giants, remote villages, divine nature, dystopian quarries, salon apartments, stone cities by the coast, and Romani settlements in the suburbs.

The longing is great, but the end of October is near.