Cetinjska Street

By 18. July 2019. No Comments

Belgrade has always been a city famous for its beautiful manners and a domestic atmosphere that used to be cherished in taverns, and later in clubs and discotheques, which program went in line with the world. These places no longer exist, but every generation shapes the city according to the moment in which they live and create.

In the area of the former brewery, abandoned industrial zone in the heart of Belgrade, in parallel with Skadarlija there is a “magical” place. And don’t let it deceive you that the place is behind the ramp at one parking lot, because the magic of this place isn’t made of its environment, but its purpose. Cetinjska 15 is an artistic area, hidden from the upcoming, ubiquitous “non-culture”, and opened for a different opinion and belief of those who recognize what really represents the culture of a big city.

In Cetinjska street there is a large number of cafes and bars, clubs, cultural and creative centers, as well as concert halls with large, small and improvised stages. The music that is heard from these places is rock, alternative, jazz, blues and everything that does not belong to the mainstream. Like every art district in the world, this one also lives 24 hours a day. Thanks to the bars Elektropionir and Subbeerni Center, concerts of the most important local and regional performers, as well as world-renowned names, were held. In addition to them, the authors who are just starting have found their place here, artists of different generations and view of the world. In Cetinjska there are exhibitions, theater performances, film projections, performances, art workshops and debates. Design and fashion are also present and for many years there is held Contact Conference, a manifestation that specializes in music business. Especially interesting are the cafes interiors that are originally decorated and represent a blend of modern trends and traditions. Everything is designed and conceived so that you have the feeling that the most diverse content is at your fingertips. Therefore, you are only 2 minutes away from another place, that offers something good, quality and fun, but different from the previous one.

If you are wondering whether the spirit of old Belgrade is irreversibly lost in a time that is characterized by cruel rules, the answer is no. Places like Cetinjska show that in Belgrade still live and create people of atypical sensibility who preserve the urban atmosphere, people who are not afraid to be a minority, authentic, uncompromising, original and their own.