Bunt Rock Festival

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Recognizing quality, catching the moment and seeing the importance of sound of certain time has always been a challenge those bold, visionary, brave people with experience and feeling for different and special embraced. Sometimes the discoveries were brief, but had a strong echo, and sometimes this echo was heard later, after years of hard work, but those discoveries are today the largest parts of the puzzle we call domestic rock and roll.

The Bunt Rock Festival is the only television festival of a competitive character in Serbia in which new, unknown bands and authors participate. The goal of the festival is to affirm domestic pop and rock music, as well as to create a new scene, because each generation has the right to express itself. Bunt Rock festival was created from the Bunt TV show – the only rock show on our territory that has been continuously running for more than 15 years. The author of both shows Bunt and Bunt Rock Festival is Branka Glavonjić, longtime journalist and editor at Radio-television of Serbia.

The Bunt Rock Festival is a kind of platform for the development of the music scene and a greater presence of new generations that have the potential of authorship and have no media space to present it, and today it is necessary. To deal with the creative work of young people, and those who do not belong to the imposed mainstream is a rarity and has always been a kind of mission, it is at the same time a special challenge and a great endeavor.

Through the five editions of the Bunt Rock Festival, 800 bands or authors have passed so far, counting applications for the festival, and 120 have made their first appearances and television recordings. Thanks to this, a moment has been recorded which will at some point be a valuable document of creating a new scene built by a new generation of authors unburdened by the past.

After each completed Bunt Rock Festival, the most successful bands go on a Bunt Rock tour, and that is a practical part of the project, in which they perform at 8 to 10 major and biggest festivals in the country and region (Exit in Novi Sad, Belgrade Beer Fest, Rock Village in Banatski Sokolac, Lovefest in Vrnjačka Banja, Ok fest at Tjentište, Arsenal fest in Kragujevac, Hills Up at Zlatibor, Bedem fest in Nikšić, Herceg Novi comic festival…).

Here you can check out this years’ shows of Bunt Rock Festival!

Winners of Bunt Rok Festival are:

Dingospo Dali – BRF 1, 2015.

Degeneza – BRF2, 2016.

Viva Vops – BRF 3, 2017.

Sergio Lounge – BRF 4, 2018.

Lagana sreda – BRF 5, 2019.