Buč Kesidi (Butch Cassidy)

By 13. September 2019. No Comments

In line with the name they have chosen to represent their artistic expression and attitude, they are rebellious, fast, wild and subversive. And if we have been utopian about the domestic music scene for decades and claim that there is no new, good pop and rock music, Buč Kesidi from Pančevo, Serbia denies it and says out loud that there is no place for distrust. This band was founded in 2013 when high school students, guitarist Luka Racić and drummer Zoran Zarubica began to write their first songs. They are joined by bassist Alen Duš and the band releases the first single and video for the song “Jaa (imam plaan)” and then the EP “Spanish Series”. It was the introduction to the debut album “Possessive-Impulsive Hospul” which was released in November 2016 and recorded at the Crocodile Studio in Pančevo. The album follows four more videos and a series of concerts in clubs and festivals in Serbia, including major concerts featuring renowned representatives of the local pop and rock scene.

Bassist Alen Duš leaves the band in 2017, and after a few changes at the bassist position, the band continues to work as a duo. The single “Nema ljubavi u klubu” with which Buč Kesidi announces second album is one of the best singles in 2018. At the same pace they continue in 2019, releasing videos for songs “Đuskanje ne pomaže” and “Tiho”, which aspire to become generational hits. In addition to interesting music videos and excellent song production, this band is absolutely keeping up with the times, dosing on the past. In poetic terms, the Buč Kesidi have been able to deal with topics that touch and represent the generation to which they belong in a simple, honest and direct way.

If you do not trust the work of new authors, it is time to bring it back, and our safe recommendation is the music of the band Buč Kesidi!