Bernadet Brešćanski And Viktoria Taškovič Duo at Svilara

By 25. October 2019. No Comments

After Fran Palermo, and right before E-Play, the audience at Svilara will have the pleasure of enjoying the performance by the Bernadet Brešćanski and Viktorie Taškovič duo, which arrives at Cinema Now as part of the K3CI project.

Viktoria and Bernadet will play their music to the silent films “Crossed Sild” by Lea Vidaković and “Mothmilk” by the Buharov Brothers (screenplay by Sirbik Attila).

Bernadet Brešćanski graduated cello from the Musical Academy in Szeged, where she loved improvising with different bands, such as Wooden Ambulance (American folk-rock), Secret Man (ambient), November Six (bluegrass alt-pop), etc. She also worked as a composer and cellist for the National Theatre in Szeged, as well as Békéscsaba and Subotica. She loves composing film scores, which reflects on her new project.

Viktoria Taškovič studied Russian at the Faculty of Philosophy in Szeged, but she has been playing music since childhood. She began playing classical guitar at the age of twelve, and a few years ago she gave up on classical music to play punk (Testrablók/HU) and rock ’n’ roll (Shot in the Neck/HU) in Szeged.

Bernadet and Viktoria have both been active members of the Szeged music scene, and have worked on various projects such as improvisational musical workshops, organized each year by the Symposion Platform. The current concept of this new band is to play live music for silent films.

Bernadet Brešćanski and Viktoria Taškovič come to Cinema Now within the K3CI project, a part of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Programme Hungary – Serbia, designed for managers in culture and producers from Serbia and Hungary. The main goal of the project is the to strengthen the cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes in Hungary and Serbia through strengthening professional competencies, artistic production and transfer of knowledge. The partners of the project are the Cinema City Association, Kulturanova association from Novi Sad, and MASZK and KEP-SZIN-HAZ from Szeged.