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The Belgrade-based Autopark have been formed in 2000 by Milan Jovanović (bass, lead guitar), Nenad Jevtić (keyboards), and Ognjenka Lakićević (vocals). The first songs were recorded in their home studio and were available online under the names “10+1” and “Our So-Called Record”. After that, Milan Jovanović, who led the production behind the works, moves abroad, and is replaced by Nikola Berček in 2004.

In December 2006, a follow-up album “Osećanja za poneti“ (Multimedia Records) comes out, which was followed in December 2009 by “Sve dalje”, released as an independent record by the band. The fourth and latest studio album, “Autopakao” came out in February 2012. The record was released by the “Odličan hrčak” label, together with the cultural organization “Parobrod”, whereas “EXIT Label” released the album in June of the same year. The band, apart from their unusual musical sensibility and poetics, are also unique by the way their career has been going so far.

They have frequently been on live performance hiatuses, but have proven that they haven’t been giving up on music with their New Year’s singles which have been coming out ever since December 31, 2011. In January 2019, they restarted their live performances, leaving the audience breathless with their solo concert in Belgrade’s Elektropionir, as well as opening for Garbage, and performing at festivals in Serbia and the region. The band are celebrating 20 years in 2020, for which they annonced live performances, as well as a new studio album, “La Reunion”.