Artan Lili

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Artan Lili were formed in 2013 and is considered one of the most important bands which emerged on the Serbian rock music scene of the 21st century. Since their inception, the band has been showing their uniqueness, beginning with the fact that their songs were being released as singles via Bandcamp, and which later found their place on their first and second albums, “Artan Lili”, and “New Deal”, respectively. Their uniqueness is shown by their specific visual identity; starting with the logo itself, via their style of clothing, all the way to music videos which are true pieces of art. With each number, they are confirming the fact that they blend their endless talent with hard work. It is, thus, not unusual that the band have been ranked very high on all relevant radio and TV charts throughout the region.

The band won the first, now annual, “Milan Mladenović” prize, awarded to works of music of exceptional importance. The award came thanks to their number “D.E.P.R.A.”, labeled as “original, deeply individual, exceptionally stylistic and intelligent authorial and performer accomplishment, which treats talent and skill without calculation and cynicism, providing authentic emotion and the deserved respectfulness.”

The current lineup of the band, after several changes, consists of Bojan Slačala on the bass and vocals, Roman Slačala on vocals and tambourine, Marko Ajković on the drums, and Ivan Skopulovič handling the guitars.