Art residency in Szeged

By 15. May 2019. No Comments

The art residency in Szeged with five artists from Serbia will soon be realized.

Creative cooperation and production of new works between guest and domestic authors is the essence of artistic residencies. At least 5 artists will spend a week in Szeged to experiment, connect with local artists and create new things with them, contributing to the contemporary art scene.

The result of their work will be presented at a promotional event after the residence, to which other artists who did not participate in the program of the residence, as well as the local audience, will be invited, in order to connect to each other, meet and socialize. This residence is organized by the Maszk Association.

The same art residency will be held in September in Novi Sad, and the result of the work will be shown at the Takt Festival, which aim is to promote the author’s, acoustic music of young performers and music groups from Novi Sad area.