Art Residency in Szeged – The Results

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Five Hungarian and five Serbian artists gathered at the art residency in Szeged on August 3-10 during the 29th THEALTER Festival, as part of our project.

The success of this residency was, of course, evident during the presentation of the results, as participants – musicians, photographers and filmmakers were able to understand each other not only in their daily work but also on the creative level, so that an interesting audio-visual performance was born from the residency.

Elements commonly used during a music concert, they have also used and modified to maximize the attention of visitors. In addition to great ideas, the equipment they used allowed them to make the visual part of the performance exciting, while the music was exotic, as it brought together seemingly distant and very different cultures. Such a fusion of sounds, lights and video occurs precisely at such art residencies, when artists from different surroundings work together.

Participants said they can’t wait to continue their cooperation, which will happen next month on September 15-22 during the TAKT Festival in Novi Sad.

Participants of art residency in Szeged were:

Neven Hercegovac – photographer
Koske Kosanović – photographer
Aleksandar Filipović – vocals, mandolin
Vesna Mitić – vocals, guitar
Kim Tamara Zebić – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Balázs Erlauer – videographer, VJ
Peter Ács – photographer
Zsófia Vincze – vocals, clarinet, guitar, loop
Szonja Alexandra Csíkos – vocals
Mátyás Mozsár – drums

You can find out more about art residency participants at our Facebook event: