After Hong Kong, Barcelona, Sydney and Salt Lake City, Zemlja Meda arrives to Novi Sad!

By 18. October 2019. No Comments

Arriving from Macedonia, this is a bitter-sweet documentary about the last beehunter in Europe who must return the natural balance to Honeyland (Zemlja meda), and it will feature on repertoire at Cinema Now.

The film Zemlja meda in less than a year has one no less than 14 awards at prestigious film festivals around the world, among which are Sundance, DocsBarcelona, DocAviv, Millennium Docs Against Gravity and others, as the beekeeper Hatidže Muratova has managed to win over the hearts of film juries and audiences trecking across the rough, yet breathtaking landscapes of the Balkans on her journey to the bee colony which she cares for.

The opening shots of the film are so rustic and lavish that you can’t help but wonder is this really a documentary. Then, all of a sudden, the beehunter appears dressed in an elegant, lively blouse with an emerald scarf who is trying to return balance into nature. She lives with her ailing mother Nazifa in a small cabin without electricity in the remote mountains of Macedonia, and yet she knows not of a different life since she sees bees more often than humans.

All of this will change when a family of nomadic beekeepers invades her territory and threatens her livelihood.

The film is directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, and it stars Hatidže Muratova, Nazife Muratova, Hussein Sam, Ljutvie Sam, Mustafa Sam, Muzafer Sam, Veli Sam, Ali Sam, Alit Sam, Gamze Sam, Ljutvish Sam and Safet Javorovac. The directors of photography are Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma, the film editor is Atanas Georgiev, and the film is produced by Atanas Georgiev and Ljubo Stefanov.

Cinema Now is a two-day pop-up festival scheduled for October 26 and 27 of this year at the Svilara Cultural Station in Novi Sad and is organized by Cinema City. The venue perfectly blends good music, good films, as well as an attractive, formerly industrial location which is now redesigned into a cultural zone.

The music programme has already been announced; E-Play and Fran Palermo are scheduled for October 26, while Repetitor will be in charge of headlining the festival the following day, October 27.

So far the festival has announced the screening of Otvorena, Granny Project, Taurunum Boy, Zaposlena, Blossom Valley, Ti imaš noć, Teret, Zemlja meda and Aleksi, while more films are to be announced soon. The film selection will encompass some of the most interesting movies by younger authors from Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, etc.

The entrance to the festival is free of charge, while it is recommended to reserve a place up front, to avoid large crowds and overall rush at the entrance.

The majority of the authors will be our guests during the two days of the festival, where one of our goals is to organize Q&A sessions after the film projections, as is frequently done during the Cinema City festival.

The project Cinema Now is realized by Cinema City in cooperation with the Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture Foundation.