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Adrian Klajo

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Adrian Klajo was born in 1993 in Senta. He graduated from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In 2017, he completed the course “Form as a foundation” at the Summer Academy in Salzburg. As a scholarship holder of the Erasmus + program, in 2018 he studied at the University of Pecs, in Hungary, at the Department of Art for half a year. He is an intern at the Art Mentor program in Budapest for 2018/2019 year. He is an artist at the Belgrade Laufer Gallery. He lives in Subotica and Gunaroš.

“Adrian Klajo places his found elements in such a linguistic structure, in the context of meaning, in which they receive a completely new meaning and purpose. These objects create a new context, a new visual and material quality after the artist placed them in a higher language consistency. He takes away the original function of material forms and puts them in a secondary role. So Klajo raises the material elements, which have a certain timeframe, onto the pedestal of eternity in the classical sense of the word”, said critic and painter Bálint Szombathy.

Photo: Katarina Trnavčević
Photo: Nemanja Knežević