5,000 People Attend the First Cinema Now Festival!

By 29. October 2019. No Comments

The first edition of the Cinema Now festival ends spectacularly in front of a packed crowd at Novi Sad’s Svilara with a performance by Belgrade’s post-punk trio Repetitor.

Over the course of two days, 5,000 people have attended the Cinema Now festival, and its concerts and film screenings at the Svilara Cultural Station.

The key impression from the festival is that an audience which longs for good films exists; that the local and regional filmmakers have something good to offer; and that these two sides met during the last weekend of October in Novi Sad to exchange great energy and an unforgettable experience.

During the two days at the festival, on four locations at Novi Sad’s Svilara Cultural Station and the nearby Kožara, the audience had a chance to watch 16 films from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, etc. The biggest hit was the drama/comedy Aleksi by Barbara Vekarić. The majority of the authors were our guests during the two days of the festival, where we organized Q&A sessions after each film screening, as was frequently done during the Cinema City festival.

Besides films, the audience also enjoyed great live performances by the cult garage band Repetitor, the alt-band from Belgrade E-Play, and the indie, rock ’n’ roll, afro-pop band Fran Palermo, who arrived to Novi Sad from Hungary as part of our cross-border project K3CI, as well as the duo Bernadet Brešćanski and Viktorie Taškovič.

Finally, the third segment of the festival was no less impressive. As another aspect of the K3CI project, the Art Programme the audience in Novi Sad had a chance to see the sculptures by Viktor Kiš, and an exhibition titled Svilara in Novi Sad – Generator of the First Industrial Area by Anica Draganić and Maria Silađi, as well as the releases published by Symposion.

Cinema Now is a two-day pop-up festival which perfectly blends good films, good music, as well as an attractive, formerly industrial location redesigned into a cultural zone.

The project Cinema Now is realized by Cinema City in cooperation with the Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture Foundation.

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